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Upstairs Yoga Book Club -

Our mission in hosting a community book club is to create an environment where individuals feel comfortable to share their favorite books and stories! We are hoping to create a space to learn and get curious about other people’s thought processes in a safe and respectful way, as well as be the change we want to see in the world. This will be a judgement free space to learn, explore and debate!


We have opened our book club to its members and let every individual choose a book for their very own month of discussion. This will create a very diverse collection of great books to read about issues we find relevant, whether it be about personal transformation, social understanding, or just fun fiction! Anyone is welcome at any point, all we ask is that you enter the discussion with an open mind and heart. Everyone will have the chance to speak about their opinion on the text if they so choose, but members are always welcome to come just to listen to the discussion as well.


We hope to see you soon! 

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Books Coming Up

General Info:

When and Where to Meet:

Zesti Food Carts - 2131 Yew St., Forest Grove

We are planning to meet every last Tuesday of each month but be sure to always check the live schedule and RSVP before coming just in case there are changes.

What to Bring:

An open mind, a great attitude, and maybe some cash for personal food and beverage purchases.


This group is donation based! If you would like to donate to keep this club going feel free to donate HERE. All proceeds will go directly back into the club for group snacks, drinks, and books for those who may not be able to afford buying their own.

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