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The Team

Who We Are


Azy Pournaderi

Upstairs Yoga Owner & Class Instructor

Azy is an adventurous yogi on a mission to impact the world through mediation and mindful living. She has studied extensively internationally and became a certified instructor outside of Pokhara, Nepal with the intent of bringing those ancient practices back into the Westernized world.

She is a strong believer that every human, no matter their age, strength, flexibility or experience is capable of practicing yoga and enjoying the benefits that come from it. 


Ra (Rachelle) Eide

Yoga Instructor & Studio Manager

Yoga found Ra just three years ago, and quickly made its way into her heart, and transformed into a lifelong passion. In 2020, Ra traveled to India to complete her 200-hour RYT in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow at Sampoorna Yoga School. Since then, she has been teaching at fitness studios, private classes, and retreats.


Ra’s practice is explorative, fun, and lighthearted. Her warm, soft nature and gentle guidance makes every flow accessible to everyone in the room. Whether a beginner or novice yogi, you are sure to leave her class feeling empowered and peaceful.


Ra is passionate about sharing the teachings of yogic philosophy and guiding others in finding the light within themselves. In her spare time you will find her deepening her relationships, traveling, or soaking up any sun she can find.

Ra Eide

Tabor Waterstreet

Yoga Instructor

I was born and raised in this wonderful little town of Forest Grove.I thrive on movement, mindfulness & enjoying the moment! Through my years of traveling in and outside the country I have been practicing yoga for 18 years and teaching for 12 years. I am a triathlete, swim coach and overall activity enthusiast. I have found that yoga can be applied to any lifestyle.  

I love being a husband & dad of two boys.

Yoga brings a beautiful grounding to my life & I blend all that I have learned into a unique yoga experience, with a perpetual stoke to bring this yoga lifestyle to others. With no expectations or ending to the yoga practice, the ability to grow as a human is limitless. I am forever grateful for everything that has happened in my life & living moment to moment has taken me mindfully to the next experience! I teach a Vinyasa Flow style class, focusing on the breath to guide the body through movement, core stability in poses & stillness in the mind to enlighten the spirit within.  


My philosophy of life is to BREATHE, MOVE & RECOVER !


Rachelle Krieger

Yoga Instructor

Yoga has been a part of my life for the past 6 years. I instantly fell in love with yoga after my first class, enjoying the movement, and being present in the moment. My journey to becoming a Yoga instructor began in 2018 with my first training through YogaFit. Since then I have completed multiple classes/trainings, learning and growing with each experience. My practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible, and fearless both on and off the mat. Yoga has allowed me find a peaceful place within my body where I could learn to accept myself. It also inspires me to live each moment of my life more mindfully. I teach Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga. I like to allow the body plenty of opportunities to flow and connect with the breath in each class. Breathing is something that we naturally do without giving it much thought. In yoga our breath helps us not only hold poses, or find softening within the pose but it can help us release stress and promote relaxation in the body and mind. My hope is that when you step off the mat you’ll feel refreshed, renewed, nourished, and balanced. When I’m not on my yoga mat you’ll find me spending time with family and friends. I love to be active and to push myself beyond the limits I thought were once impossible. I have a very supportive husband and three amazing kids. We have called Forest Grove home for 20 years. I hope I have the opportunity to meet you in a class sometime soon.

“ The beauty of yoga is you never fail. You do what you can in that given moment. Nothing more, nothing less” – Jillian McGhee


Rachelle K
Green Mountain FL (1).JPG

Emily Fasnacht

Yoga Instructor & Reception

I am a lifelong athlete.  I grew up playing many sports, but soccer was always my favorite.  I played on club teams for ten years growing up and started on the varsity team my freshman year of high school.  Although I had a general idea of mobility training from playing sports, I was plagued by limited range of motion and frequent injuries for years.  

 Almost ten years ago I discovered yoga and it transformed how I view movement and fitness.  My yoga practice complemented all of the other physical activities I performed.  I became more aware of my thoughts and habits and began to reduce or eliminate behaviors that were not serving me.  My breath became a barometer for my health, and I used breathing techniques to manage my chronic anxiety.  Because of the profound impact yoga had on my life, I decided to complete yoga teacher training in 2016 so I could share the beauty of yoga with others.  In 2019, I expanded my education to also include a personal trainer certificate.


I now have over 5 years of experience working with private clients, small gyms, condo buildings, yoga studios, and parks departments.  The yoga styles I offer include flow, vinyasa, deep stretch, yin, and 50/50 (a combination of flow and deep stretch).  My personal training services are targeted toward beginners, office workers, and other sedentary lifestyles.  My goal in teaching and coaching is to encourage students/clients to explore their bodies while building strength, endurance, and confidence.


Wyle O'Neill

Yoga Instruction & Reception

Wyle first started practicing yoga with his high school football coach 10 years ago.  Wanting to broaden his understanding of their own practice, Wyle completed his 200-hour RYT at Yoga Salt with Tamal Dodge.  Through teaching, Wyle hopes to shine light on meditation and all the forms one may find it most present in their daily routine.  


Wyle is excited for opportunities to lead classes hoping to help students have a deeper awareness of themselves and understanding of the life around us all.  When he has the time, Wyle can be found looking for waves at the Oregon coast, exploring new trails deep in the woods, or creating collective pieces of art with his ones loves.


Megan Gallardo

Yoga Instruction & Sound Healing

Megan has been teaching both meditation and yoga for the past 7 years. She whole-heartedly believes that movement is medicine for the mind, body and soul, allowing an access point to deepen one’s connection to themselves. Outside of yoga, Megan has both an in-person and virtual community where she facilitates women's empowerment/spiritual work, somatic breath work, sound healing and Reiki sessions + certification courses.

Ingrid Baker (she/her)

Yoga Instruction & Reception

Ingrid began practicing yoga in 2004 and has been teaching mindful vinyasa since 2023. After falling out of her practice for some years, she returned to yoga in 2019 when a spinal condition caused her to lose some mobility. Through daily practice she was reminded of the healing power of yoga and how it can transform.


Ingrid traveled to Ubud, Bali, Indonesia in 2023 where she completed her teacher training and  earned her 200 RYT from Sacred Paths Yoga under the teaching of Srimati Alyra Hughes. Her time in Bali reconnected her to the Earth, Spirit, and Self.


Her classes weave together the philosophy and spirit of yoga with mindful asana, meditation, and pranayama. Her hope is to help every person in every body connect with body, mind, and spirit.


Ingrid Baker is a Registered Yoga Teacher (200 RYT) with Yoga Alliance.

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