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Class Descriptions :


A gentle, bliss-filled, therapeutic practice for anyone seeking a slower paced yoga practice. Perfect for those recovering from injuries or are in the healing process (mentally, physically or emotionally) .... Suitable for anyone who is in need of a relaxing release.  The class blends restorative yoga (supported postures), gentle yoga and breath work (Pranayama).  Generally just a great way to relax and rejuvenate the body by stretching and meditating in ways that encourage healing, improve range of motion, joint mobility and reduce the effects of stress. Appropriate for all levels.


This class is a gentle, slow-paced flow that introduces both alignment and breath combined with conscious movement. Focusing on simultaneous breath and movement will help the body flow in and out of asanas (poses) quite easily and will eventually get your strength and mobility comfortable in exploring a Level 1.5 class.



As the body becomes more comfortable in integrating breath and mindful movement, Vinyasa Level 1.5 (Power Vinyasa) will take you through a faster paced, invigorating style of yoga focusing on building strength, endurance and flexibility. In turn, our Power Vinyasa will help the mind connect with the body, relieving stress and anxiety, while simultaneously challenging your muscles. This class is a great way to bridge the gap between Vinyasa Level 1 and Level 2, expect a workout!



Take your practice further and challenge yourself to try advanced postures, inversions and bends.  Aimed at the intermediate practitioner with an established practice and a working knowledge of the basics as to avoid all injury and/or physical complications. If you are unsure as to whether or not this class is for you, begin with the power vinyasa and check in with your body and mind to see if an additional challenge is appropriate.


A fast paced 55 minute vinyasa class focusing on breaking a sweat and getting you motivated for the rest of the day! All levels welcome.


Our Hatha class is designed for a relaxing, pose-to-pose style to guide you into wellness, flexibility, and strength in both body and mind. Hatha is a great class to learn the fundamentals of proper alignment as well as a starting place in the yoga journey This class is suitable for any level of student.


Yin yoga is a beautiful compliment to the more yang (active) styles of yoga such as vinyasa. Through long held floor stretches we focus on cultivating deep release not only in the physical body, but the energetic body as well. Postures are typically held anywhere from two to six minutes, and students are encouraged to relax and surrender into the postures to target the deep connective tissue of the body. Focusing on stillness, pranayama (breath), and meditation, yin offers students a profoundly deep and rewarding experience. This is a great practice for those looking to relax, increase their joint mobility, improve their flexibility, or as a balance to more rigorous forms of exercise. This practice is suitable for all levels.


Combining Hatha and Yin Yoga into one class, Slow Flow with Yin works to build heat that helps to strengthen and detoxify, followed by cooling poses to calm the mind and relax the body. Through the Hatha portion we will strengthen and stretch our larger muscle groups with a combination of static poses and dynamic movement. Afterwards, we will cool down and target the deeper connective tissue with longer held Yin postures. This class is highly beneficial for those looking for balance in their yoga practice as well as those looking to relax, build strength, and improve flexibility. This practice is suitable for all levels.


This class is suitable for all levels as flexibility is a completely personal journey. Every so often our vinyasa classes will be replaced with a deep stretching class to balance out the strain we put on our muscles and give them a break! Working on flexibility is vital in keeping our bodies healthy and strong, but don't be fooled, this will not be a break. Prepare to be sweating and breathing through the sequence like any other class (although the intensity will be what you make it). Know your limitations walking in, respect them and try to challenge yourself in small, safe steps along the way.


Pregnancy can be a trying time in managing all the physical, emotional, mental, and lifestyle changes that begin to unfold as baby grows. Prenatal classes with us are designed to meet every stage of pregnancy and all the love / chaos that comes with it. Yoga can help alleviate the discomforts of nausea, constipation, swelling, stress, back pain, anxiety and so many other things pregnant women struggle with daily. This class creates a comforting environment for mamas and babies where together, through asanas (poses) and meditations, strength will build through the body. Meet other moms and share the journey! These classes are appropriate

for all levels.


Yoga Nidra is a form of yoga that goes back thousands of years.  It is supported mediation, receiving suggestions that allow the mind to relax and receive.  The practice is usually combined with some gentle movement, pranayama (breathwork), body scans,  guided imagery, poetry,  as well as intention setting.  The purpose is to feel a unique combination of complete awareness of thoughts, words, images and feelings. These mindful practices combined,  can help one reduce stress and calm the mind and body.  


Awaken the 7 Chakras (energy centers) of the body through a gentle all-levels flow, connecting breath to poses and incorporating sun salutations. Finding focus on balancing the energy centers, whether it be a different Chakra each week or a combination class. We will begin and end each practice with meditations and mantras related to that energy center.


This class is a high intensity practice with an energetic and playful environment, combining tribal dance and plyometrics. Classes include strength training, cardio work and flexibility practice all in one. Buti creates a strong, empowered group of students (aka Butisattvas) that resemble a tribe, a group that grows and supports each other every week. Great for all students with a reasonable fitness level


Asanas (ah-sah-nah) - This simply means " yoga poses".

Pranayama (prah-nah-yah-ma) - Breathing exercises to either calm the body or invigorate the spirit depending on the breath and practice. There are many forms of Pranayama and the breath will depend on the desired outcome.

Vinyasa (vin-yah-sah) - Another word for "flow" or "sequence". A vinyasa based class will be a sequence of movements all strung together to create a graceful flow, combined with conscious breath. Focuses on inhales, exhales, and simultaneous body movements.

Hatha (hat-ha) - A Hatha class is based on single poses rather than a sequence. Poses are individual and allow you to relax further into them. The connection between the mind and body.

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