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Shamanic Sound Ceremony

With Ebon Ian

These gatherings are conducted with solemnity, evoking the spirit, the elements, and our ancestors. Each ceremony unfolds uniquely as we follow the guidance of spirit along the path to healing, guided by the intentions of each participant. A diverse array of instruments enriches these rituals, including crystal bowls, gongs, bells, chakapas, drums, rattles, while the power of voice resonates strongly throughout the journey. In addition to his role as a shamanic practitioner, Ebon is a lifelong multi-instrumentalist, offering a wealth of musical expertise to weave melodies and expansiveness into the experience.

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Shamanic Sound Ceremony
May 17th at 7:15PM

Investment: The cost is $30.

What to Bring: Your usual yoga equipment and attire. Dress as comfortable as possible! It is recommended you have a water bottle to hydrate. All other equipment will be provided.

No prior yoga experience is necessary—all levels are welcome. Just bring yourself and an open heart, and prepare to immerse in the harmonious blend of mindfulness, deep rest, and healing.

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