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Events by you!



If you'd like to hold a workshop, we have the space for you! Just send and email to with the following information:

  • Subject: Workshop (Insert Name of Workshop)

  • Your name and phone number

  • 3 dates that are options for you to hold the workshop

  • The time you would like to hold the workshop (please check our class schedule to make sure they do not overlap, we ask that your event starts at least a half hour after and a half hour before the next class).

  • If you will need tables and chairs and how many

  • The lesson plan

  • What you hope your students will get out of it

  • A brief overview of your qualifications in this subject


We have two options for payment and we will work with you on what works for your unique workshop. 

Percentage: In this scenario, the studio would take a percentage of the total entry. 

What's included: We will post the workshop on MindBody, our website, and our social media (Facebook and Instagram) while also announcing it in in yoga classes. Students will be able to purchase a spot through our POS system with cash or card, and we will take care of the cleaning of the studio floors. 

Flat hourly fee: Workshop leader will pay a flat fee per hour that is spent in the studio.


What's included: We will post any "ready to post" material, though we will not make event pages, add it to our website or MindBody. Workshop leader is responsible for the cleanliness of floors, and using tables and chairs is an additional cost. All payments must go through workshop leader. 


For parties, concerts, potlucks, gatherings, recitals, weddings, etc, please contact Azy for prices and availability


Call or text Azy at
(503) 758 - 1662

for any questions

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