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Sound Healing

Gong Bath
June 8th at 6:00pm

Presented by Michelle & Brad Davis
Founders of NW Vibrational Sound Therapy

A gong sound bath is an ancient type of sound therapy that has been practiced for thousands of years. The term “bath” signifies being bathed in sound waves. You participate simply by laying down in a savasana pose on a mat, add in a pillow and blanket for the ultimate in comfort and be “bathed” in the vibration and sounds of a 38 inch Earth Gong.

What to Bring:
Bring all of your normal yoga gear (mat, bolsters, blankets, water, etc). Whatever is not brought can be provided at the studio! We have all kinds of extra equipment, but please come early to ensure you are able to get what you need before we run out of supplies. 

Please bring layers and comfortable clothes as these offerings do not include enough movement to build body heat. It's always better to be too prepared! 

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