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Every Sunday Morning | With Emily

Yoga at Rogers Park / Anna & Abbey's Yard has begun! Join us for a nice outdoor flow on every Sunday morning at 10am. Stay updated on this page for weather updates and class news. 

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Rogers Park

2421 17th Avenue

Forest Grove, OR

Where to Meet: On the West side of the park, look for an Upstairs Yoga sign!

What to Bring: Your usual yoga equipment and attire. A mat will be necessary, there will be none to rent or borrow, it is recommended you have a water bottle to hydrate and maybe a block or two for added support as the ground may not be perfectly even.

What to Expect: Just a super fun, outdoor class hosted by Emily!

Cost: This offering is just like any other class, sign up like you would for classes in the studio and use your class package. Don't have one? Purchase a regular drop-in and sign up through MindBody. Please sign up for class before arriving!

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Emily Fasnacht

Almost ten years ago I discovered yoga and it transformed how I view movement and fitness.  My yoga practice complemented all of the other physical activities I performed.  I became more aware of my thoughts and habits and began to reduce or eliminate behaviors that were not serving me......

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