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* no experience or flexibility required *

What to Expect:

We will go through stretches for almost ALL parts of the body, taking our time and getting the deepest stretch our bodies will allow. We will end our practice with a nice, long Shavasana (ending meditation) to really allow our bodies to reflect fully on what we experienced during the session. Many suppressed emotions and anxieties are held in our bodies so this long session will allow the nervous system to calm while allowing the mind to process these energies at a personal pace. During this session, information will be provided on the benefits of stretching, the ways stretching can alleviate stress and discomfort, as well as ways to stretch at home even with a busy schedule and how to implement some necessary movement into daily life. This is a trauma informed session!

Cost and Info:

The cost is $30.00, members get discounts!

This session will be on Friday, November 17th beginning at 6:00pm and ending at 8:15pm.


What to Bring:

You will need your yoga mat and any equipment you like to use in your practice. Anything you do not have will be provided unless everything is being used. If you do not have your own equipment, please come early to ensure you get what you need. We always recommend bringing your water and extra layers in case you get too warm or too cool.

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