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Yoga-Themed Scavenger Hunt

around Forest Grove

Win over $200 worth of prizes from your favorite local businesses!

Follow a clue filled map around Forest Grove and engage in yoga inspired challenges along the way.


Starting Point: Parking lot behind Upstairs Yoga

Finishing Point: Zesti Food Carts

Where to Meet:  

  • Starting Point: Parking lot behind Upstairs Yoga

  • Finishing Point: Zesti Food Carts

* a map will be provided to show participants how to stay off busy streets, please stay on sidewalks or in designated bike lanes as much as possible *

What to Bring: Your usual comfortable (weather appropriate) yoga attire. No equipment is necessary, it is recommended you have a water bottle to hydrate and a phone to snap photos and videos throughout. Bring any non-motorized vehicle (e-bikes allowed) to travel around town with.

What to Expect:

  • Before the Hunt:

    • Assemble your team: invite your friends to scavenge the grove with you.

    • Each team member must register.

    • Choose any non-motorized vehicle (e-bikes allowed) to travel around town during the hunt

  • Day of the Event:

    • Arrive at 10:30am in the parking lot behind Upstairs Yoga to check-in.

    • Each team receives a sealed envelope with a list of clue

    • Choose one team member to post to social media (Instagram and/or Facebook).

    • At the start of the race, teams may open the envelope.

    • Solve clues and complete challenges as instructed. (Hint: clues are not in order)

    • Clues and challenges involve finding landmarks, public art, etc., doing yoga poses, and
      posting photos and/or videos to social media.

    • Google is encouraged for solving clues.

    • Avoid riding on busy roads. Use backroads to navigate around town.

    • Finish at Zesti Food Carts.

    • Find Emily at Zesti’s to confirm all clues were solved and challenges completed.

    • Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams to finish

Pro tip: solve as many clues as possible first, identifying where they are, and strategically
completing each challenge based on distance and location.

  • After the Event:

    • Enjoy food and drinks with your friends and fellow scavengers at Zesti’s.

    • Review your photos and videos from the hunt.

    • Savor the experience.

Registration Fee: $35 per participant. Sign up like you would for workshops in the studio, except we will meet outside in the back parking lot. Purchase and sign up through MindBody. 

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Emily Fasnacht

Almost ten years ago I discovered yoga and it transformed how I view movement and fitness.  My yoga practice complemented all of the other physical activities I performed.  I became more aware of my thoughts and habits and began to reduce or eliminate behaviors that were not serving me......

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